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"Saving Dollars, Making Sense"

Anju D. Jessani, MBA, APM®

Accredited Professional Mediator

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Ten Reasons to Consider Us


1. Affordability: At $360 an hour and with our structured approach to mediation that will minimize the cost and timeline, you pay a very competitive rate for your divorce.


2. Full-Time Mediator: Anju is one of a handful of mediators in New Jersey dedicated to mediation; we are available on your schedule without court or other conflicts.


3. Vast Divorce Mediation Experience: We have been mediated over 1,400 cases.  While every case is unique, there is very little that we have not seen.  We know what we are doing.


4. Extensive Divorce Knowledge: Anju has trained over 1,500 lawyers, retired judges and others in the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce.


5. Financial Expertise: With an MBA from the Wharton School and a career in financial services, we bring a unique working understanding of personal financial issues to your divorce.


6. Legal Network: If you do not have your own attorney, we have a list of mediation friendly attorneys who can  represent you in your divorce cost-effectively; we receive no referral fees.  


7. Professional Network: We also have a network of real estate and mortgage brokers, pension appraisers, etc., who understand the divorce process. 


8. Outstanding Reputation: Anju has earned the respect of her colleagues and been recognized for her leadership and expertise. She has a stellar reputation and client reviews.


9. Warmth and Kindness: You will be treated with respect and humanity in a comfortable and private setting.


10. Continuing Commitment to Mediation Education:  In addition to teaching over 90 hours each year, Anju also takes over 60 hours of continuing mediation and legal education annually.



Mediator Profile

Profile for Anju D. Jessani, MBA, APM®

Anju Jessani holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (WG'83), and a BA from Douglass College, Rutgers University (DC'79). Prior to founding Divorce with Dignity Mediation Services in 1997, Anju was a manager with Price Waterhouse's Management Consulting Group, and most recently, a Vice President with JP Morgan.  In 1989, having served on the US Department of Treasury's Fiscal Task Force, she was recognized by Treasury Secretary, Nicholas Brady, for her contributions to increasing the efficiency of the Department's revenue network.

Anju received her academic training in mediation at the Center for Family and Divorce Mediation in New York, and conducted her practical training through Hudson County Court's Mediation Program in New Jersey. Her practice is devoted entirely to providing alternative dispute resolution services (primarily mediation), to clients who seek a non-adversarial, problem-solving approach to conflict resolution that allows them to keep in control of their case. 

Committed to making the divorce process more cooperative and respectful, as well as more cost-effective, She endeavors to treat every client as if they were her only client.  She embraces the concept promulgated by filmmaker, Bill Brummel that "Dignity is everyone's human right."  

In addition to contributing to professional journals, Anju has also participated in media talk shows on the subject of divorce reform.  She is the lead instructor for NJAPM's 40-hour divorce mediation program and teaches in the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education's 40-hour class. She completes at least 60 hours of continuing education credits every year, exceeding both ACR and NJAPM's requirement for accredited mediators.

Reflecting her high level of training and experience in the field of mediation, Anju is an Advanced Practitioner Members of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) - the most rigorous credential for mediators, with less than ten mediators in New Jersey holding that designation. She is an Accredited Professional Mediator (APM®) by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM), an Advanced Mediator with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, and is also a Member of the multi-disciplinary organization, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).  She recently qualified as a Certified Mediator with www.mediate.com.

Anju served on the NJAPM Board of Directors from October 2000 to September 2010, including as President from 2005-2007, and holding the office of Immediate Past-President from 2007-2010.  She was honored by this 400+ member-organization at their November 2007 annual conference.  She also received special recognition from the New Jersey State Bar Association's Board of Trustees for her work on the New Jersey irreconcilable differences divorce bill in 2007.  She is editor for the NJAPM newsletter, Mediation News, and serves as advisor to the board on the Council of Presidents.

Anju has also served on the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Court's Parenting Time Advisory Committee as the primary author of  Parenting Time: A Child's Right.  She serves on the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Secondary School Committee, Hudson County.

Anju brings extensive experience in financial planning, real estate, taxation, pensions, technology implementation and contract negotiation to the mediation field. She has extraordinary project management skills that translate into meeting client deadlines in an organized and calm manner, thus helping to reduce your level of stress as you work to resolve your conflict.

Born and raised in England, and of Indian ethnicity, Anju moved to the United States at age 12, attending middle and high school in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and becoming a naturalized citizen in 1977. Her involvement in mediation and divorce reform arose from her divorce through mediation in 1994.  She is both a mother and a stepmother.  Please click her to view or download her resume/CV.


Mediation Credentials


Accredited Professional Mediator (APM®)

New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators


Advanced Mediator

Academy of Professional Family Mediators


Advanced Practitioner

Association for Conflict Resolution


Certified Mediator



1:40 Mediator for Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases and also Approved Mentor

New Jersey Judiciary